It's normal to have aching joints from time to time. Whether it's hip and knee pain or a sore shoulder, most of the time joint pain goes away on its own or gets better after rest, ice and elevation. But if your joint pain is chronic or severe, and conservative treatment options like medication and physical therapy haven't helped, it may be time to consider a long-term solution.

Lone Star Orthopaedic Institute proudly offers joint replacement services to patients who can no longer live with knee and hip pain, caused either by arthritis or injury. During joint replacement surgery, doctors remove the damaged parts of a joint and replace them with new, prosthetic pieces.

With advanced techniques and training, our orthopedic joint care specialists can relieve pain, reduce inflammation and restore mobility, so that you can get back to your daily activities pain free.

Knee replacement

Our team of orthopedic experts use several techniques to diagnose, treat and relieve knee pain, including:

  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Ligament and tendon reconstruction
  • Full and partial knee replacement
  • Revision joint replacement

Thanks to advances in knee replacement procedures and new options like robotic surgery, more adults are having successful knee replacement surgery every day. Our team of nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons offers knee replacement to patients suffering from arthritis of the knee, joint pain and injury.

Total knee replacement surgery is a procedure in which a painful or poorly functioning knee is replaced with artificial components. During the procedure, our knee surgeons will use specialized tools to remove the damaged knee bone and cartilage, and replace it with a new prosthetic knee.

Your surgery will result in:

  • Less pain and disability
  • Improved balance
  • Greater ability to move

Knee relief

If you have injured or hurt your knee follow the RICE care plan:

  • Rest your knee to prevent more damage
  • Ice you knee to reduce pain and joint swelling
  • Compression to help the knee joint heal
  • Elevate your knee and leg
  • Call to make an appointment to be evaluated

Hip replacement

Lone Star’s orthopedic specialists use an array of procedures to correct damage to the hip, including:

  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Hip core decompression
  • Anterior and posterior hip replacement
  • Revision joint replacement

Each year, more than 300,000 hip replacements are performed in people who have damaged the ball and socket joint, and experience pain or limited activity despite other treatments. Over time, arthritis can damage the hip, causing pain and swelling in the joints. Patients with debilitating conditions, like osteoarthritis, or hip injuries may benefit from hip replacement surgery.

During hip replacement surgery, your surgeon will remove the damaged parts of the hip with artificial parts called prostheses, relieving discomfort and increasing your quality of life.

Joint injections

Joint injections are a common surgical alternative used to relieve pain in your joints. Cortisone shots can relieve pain, swelling and inflammation in a joint for several weeks or months. Our orthopedic physicians offer injections on an outpatient basis to patients with pain in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, hip, foot and ankle. Although corticosteroid injections offer temporary pain relief, some patients may need to consider long term solutions like physical therapy and joint replacement surgery.

Conditions that benefit from joint injections include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Overuse injuries

Benefits to staying active

Staying active and regularly moving your joints can help improve your overall health by:

  • Exercising to produce feel-good endorphins
  • Burning more calories and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improving your memory and focus
  • Strengthening your bones and help your body and mind age well